A Living Reef Memorial - "Green Burial at Sea"


Island Marine Adventures working in collaboration with The Evergreen Cremation Centre Ltd., provides another unique manner to deal with the deployment of Ashes to the Ocean and the Celebration of Life - know as a Green Burial at Sea  or as a Living Reef Memorial -  whereby specially casted cement forms are constructed by The Evergreen Cremation Centre and then as memorials placed directly on the seafloor by their scuba diver.

Creating a Living Reef Memorial creates new habitats in areas where humans have caused harm or in areas where greater biodiversity could be established.  These reefs will create lasting memorials under the waves, bringing benefits to our ocean and world.


A Living Reef Memorial is a welcoming positive act in an otherwise tragic time.  Families who have gone through the Living Reef Memorial experience feel a great sense of pride when talking about the choice they have made for their loved one.  Families find peace by knowing that their loved one will go on to help our ocean for an eternity.


Folks love that their loved one will be just beneath the waves in an ocean that is majestic and wondrous.  Families find solace that their loved one will permanently have a resting place that will never be disturbed.  Families experience a great feeling of relief and joy knowing that their loved one is going to be giving back to the sea and leaving this planet a better place.  


Just beneath the waves, more new life is being created through cremation. Not long after the reef is installed onto the sea floor a beautiful and natural transformation occurs.  The reef begins to grow and bloom with life as hundreds of species of marine life attach themselves to the reef. 


The Process:


Contact us and we will put you in touch with The Evergreen Cremation Centre in Ladysmith.  They will take over and assist you in choosing a deployment site - a reef that is right for your situation.  In addition they will guide you through all the necessary paperwork and other things that must be done in order to receive the cremated remains.    


Once The Evergreen Cremation Centre has taken custody of the cremated remains they will begin

casting within one week from the date custody is taken.  After the reef is cast there is a curing time

for the reef  that is no less than 30 days.


On average reefs will be deployed by a diver from The Evergreen Cremation Centre using various vessels supplied and skippered by us here at  Island Marine Adventures within six weeks of receiving the cremated remains.


The Catamaran Shadowfax carrying up to 12 guests, together with the Inflatable vessel Kodiak - which transports the diver and the casting - travels to the deployment site.

While the diver is deploying the memorial, the family has their personal ceremony on the Catamaran.   


A Living Reef Memorial Certificate will be supplied showing the actual Latitude and Longitude of the Celebration of Life Living Reef deployment.  

Please find more detailed information on the following brochure supplied by Evergreen Cremation Centre Ltd., 17 Gatacre Street, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A1.

To learn more about costs and more details contact Evergreen Cremation Centre directly, or your local Funeral Home.