The Catamaran - "Shadowfax"

Bring your own food and drinks.   Maybe go crabbing or swimming.  You are welcome to try our Paddleboard when we are anchored in the sheltered area by Newcastle Island.  Maybe have a small  BBQ on board.


Perfect for individuals, couples or groups. 

Adult life jackets are on hand  but do not need to be worn.  All children must wear life jackets and these are also provided.

Shadowfax is a multi-hulled, rotating, wing-masted cruising catamaran sailboat. She was made for cruising safely along the Pacific Coast in an eco-friendly way. She has a shallow draft, is stable, comfortable and fast.  

Shadowfax adventures are divided into either "SAILS UP" (Actual Sailing) or "SAILS DOWN" (Motor Cruising).

If circumstances and winds are right we might even combine a Sails Up with a Sails Down.

Stops can be made along the way to explore, swim or crab.


You can involve yourself as much as you wish in the sailing or relax and leave it up to us. 

Shadowfax is equipped with approved modern communication, safety and navigation equipment.


Because of her large deck, you have ample space to sit upright, stand or lounge.  Lying in the sun on the trampolines, watching the water pass beneath, is a delightful way to engage your senses.


Because of her shallow draft Shadowfax  can go into coves and beaches that are normally inaccessible to deeper draft monohull sailing vessels.  


Sailing aboard Shadowfax  is fun. 

Additional Information:  

Payment Options: Cash/Cheque/E-Transfer 

A signed Liability Form is required from all passengers prior to boarding. 

Boat shoes or other non-marking must be worn.  Bare feet are an option.  Bring  along layered may get hotter or cooler on the water.

Morning, Afternoon and Evening Cruising are available.


You are welcome to bring your own food or your own refreshments.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted.  

A fridge / freezer is available to keep your food and refreshments cold.  A galley stove and an outside barbecue grill are available to cook or heat your food. 

If you are driving to our marina location, we have ample Robbins Parking at The Waterfront Suites  & Marina,

1000 Stewart Avenue, at $1.00 per hour.   If coming by foot, walk northward from downtown along the Seawalk.  You will come to our new marina in about twenty minutes...just before the shipyard.   

Before all departures we will give you a short emergency procedures and safety orientation.  

Be prepared to take a lot of pictures to capture your memories.  

If your phone has Bluetooth capability, you can pair it with our speakers to listen to your own music selection while on board. 

Well behaved dogs are welcome.


Catamaran SAILING 

3 hrs - $95 per person for the first 4 people

Additional $25 for each person thereafter 

(Only you/your group on board)

Catamaran MOTOR TOUR 

1.5 hrs - $65 per person for the first 4 people

Additional $10 for each person thereafter (... to a maximum of 12 people)

3 hrs  - $95 per person for the first 4 people

Additional $25 for each person thereafter (... to a maximum of 12 people)

(Only you/your group on board)


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