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Shadowfax is a multi-hulled, rotating, wing-masted cruising catamaran sailboat. She was made for cruising safely along the Pacific Coast in an eco-friendly way. She has a shallow draft, is stable, comfortable and fast.  

Shadowfax adventures are usually divided between either "SAILS UP" (Actual Sailing) or "SAILS DOWN" (Motor Cruising).

Stops can be made along the way to explore, paddleboard, swim and often do some crabbing.

Bring your own food and drinks.  


Perfect for individuals, couples or groups. 

Adult life jackets are on hand but do not need to be worn; although all children should wear life jackets.  These are provided.

Additional Information:  

Payment Options: Cash / Cheque / E-Transfer  ( ... at time of adventure)

Bare feet, boat shoes or other non-marking must be worn.  Bring  along layered may get hotter or cooler on the water.

Morning, Afternoon and Evening Cruising are available.


You are welcome to bring your own food or your own refreshments.  (Alcoholic beverages are permitted.)


Re: CRABBING:  I have a crabbing license.  If you wish to catch any crabs or help me to even pull up or handle a crab trap or any crabbing equipment you must also have a valid license.   We often put out our crab traps and see if we can we catch any, boil them up and enjoy eating them on board - or you can take them home.  We are successful more often than not.   

My license allows me to catch and keep 4 crabs per day.  Over the years I have gladly shared the catch by preparing them for you while on your adventure.  If you have a valid license you are also allowed to catch and keep 4 crabs per day.  

If you do not have a license and need one for a day the government charges about $10 for the license, but you need to have a paper copy of the license issued to you.  I have been told that you can apply for a one day fishing license from your cell phone but, on the other hand, I have also been told that you need a paper copy only available from a fishing store that issues licenses directly when you apply.  I will get more details for you in the near future and post the details for you.  A fishing store that sells them is a few kilometers away.  This means you have to do a little prep work before arriving at the marina.  Call me for details and I can let you know where you can obtain that license.  

A fridge / freezer is available to keep your food and refreshments cold.  A galley stove and an outside barbecue grill may be available to cook or heat your food although I recommend finger foods that don't require a lot of prep work or cleanup.

If you are driving to our marina location, we have ample  parking at  the Waterfront Suites  & Marina,

1000 Stewart Avenue, at $1.00 per hour.   If coming by foot, walk northward from downtown along the Sea walk.  You will come to this new marina in about twenty minutes...just before the shipyard.   

Before all departures we will give you a short emergency procedures and safety orientation.  In addition we can provide hand sanitizers for your use and may take non contact thermal forehead temperatures.  We will also be checking that all liability waiver forms have been signed

Be prepared to take a lot of pictures to capture your memories.  

If your phone has Bluetooth capability, you can pair it with our speakers to listen to your own music selection while on board. We have Sirrus on our radio which can provide you with limitless listening choices.

Well behaved dogs are usually welcome.



(Sailing / Motor or combination ... wind and weather dependent)

3 hours - $95 per person for the first 4 people 
   Additional $55 for each person thereafter (Only your group on board)             
2 hours - $85 per person for the first 4 people 
   Additional $45 for each person thereafter (Only your group on board)
1 1/2 hours -$65 per person for the first 4 people 
   Additional $35 for each person thereafter (Only your group on board)
           (For all adventures we do not have a minimum number necessary)


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